Spark is an autonomous and adaptive physical therapy platform in Augmented / Mixed Reality.

We like to call it,

The Challenge

Injuries are inevitable. Each year, 50% of Americans over the age of 18 develop a musculoskeletal injury lasting longer than 3 months. However Only 30% of patients that utilize physical therapy services attend the visits that their insurance company authorizes. This is because physical therapy can be demotivating, inefficient, and inconvenient. 

Physical Product

Spark is made up of two intelligent projectors and an infrared depth sensor. 
One ultra short throw projector for the wall beneath Spark. One regular environment projector for the floor. The depth sensor camera scans the users environment and tracks their movements.

Pairing App

We needed a way to control Spark. By pairing Spark to your phone, we could make the set up process easier for the user. This included wifi connection, projector calibration and adjustments. Another use for the phone was to make the communication between patient and therapist easier.

Feedback Loop

Communicating with therapists was essential to the recovery process. Telemedicine is growing in popularity as well. This means people feel more comfortable having meetings behind a screen, so we wanted to build that into Spark.

Reward System

We need a new leaderboard mythology. We wanted a way to gamify our experience and encourage users to participate. So we focused on the four parts of the brain being stimulated while you are happy and focused our design decisions off that. We call this method your daily D.O.S.E. 

Custom Avatar

Start at your level in the recovery process.
Treatment begins with a physical evaluation by a therapist where they perform baseline tests recorded by Spark, later integrated into the personalized avatar and user profile.

Immersive Experience

Spark uses intelligent projectors to overlay exercises in the users environment. This means the user focuses on his body and the interactions of every workout. 


SPARK was designed at the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2017. Our diverse team included all UX Designers from Argentina, Korea, India and the USA.

Gonzalo Gelso, James SimmonsHwanghah Jeong, Dipali Bajaj, Zhaolin CaiAndrew Sibert, and

Claire Puginier

To learn more about this product, reach out and say hello. I'd love to share the details, benefits, and research behind Spark.

Prototype Hurdles

All in all this project challenged us in many different kinds of ways. But it opened the doors for many new questions to answer. For example could this product replace gyms for families? Would this be accepted by users to have a camera watching them? Would they be interested in sharing this immersive experience with someone else? When will this technology be able? Well, it already is...

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