Gonzalo Gelso

Friends call me Gonzo! I'm an independent Designer & Artist from Argentina based out of Brooklyn, New York. I enjoy living a creative lifestyle, constantly challenging my perspective thanks to the influence of other makers. Currently, I'm available for design work or commissions.

Reach out at gonzalogelso@gmail.com


2. Identify who

Research: User Goals & Networks & Scenarios


By studying users in their natural context as well as their behavior, we are able to visualize true human interactions. The better we know our users, the better we can understand their pain points, the better we can develop solutions to help them.

1. Learn the why

 Understand:  Business Goals & Market & Specs


Establishing clarity on the purpose of a concept ensures everyone's on the same page. This is where we aline our beliefs to the our approach. People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it.


3. Plan how

Workflow: Reflect > Make > Observe > Repeat


Usually a highly collaborative & agile step. This part of the journey demands audacity and confidence in the unknown. By tapping into trends, data, intuition, and personal experience; I now begin to iterate multiple possible solutions to address our users pain points. 


4. Create & Test

LaunchTest > Learn > Update > Repeat


The final outcome should be a reflection of our beliefs. Digital products give us the ability to measure data overtime to better meet the needs of users as they also adapt to new trends and patterns.

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My Process?

4 Steps: 1.Why > 2.Who > 3.How > 4. Create


I believe in making progressive, meaningful, and exciting user experiences. I'm passionate about blurring the lines between visual & system thinking. Today, there's opportunity to help people everywhere, so I try to be really optimistic with emerging technology and all of it's capabilities. When I'm lost, I always remind myself to trust in the process.


Design Services

UX & UI Design

Product Design

Mobile & Web Design

Design Consulting



Visual Design

Art Direction




Trust in the process

My design process is constantly evolving as I develop my design thinking further. I try to align user & business goals to develop solutions that are usable, scalable, and minimal. Simplicity within any product is hard to achieve, so I focus on subtracting complexity wherever I can.