A Collaborative Learning Center class made up of UX Designers, Service Designers, Graphic Designers, Industrial Designers, and Design Management students.


Redesign the Gulfstream synoptic interface, incorporating interactive system control and status
to improve user experience and safety of pilots.

Project Role

As a member of the Usability team, I was involved in the initial ideation & concept strategy for the near term solution that was asked from us. We conducted 4 presentations with Gulfstream pilots & engineers including a research review, midterm review, concept review, and final presentation. 

Future Concept

With the help of other team members, we predicted the future of avionic synoptics using existing existing and future trends to make educated prediction.

The Gulfstream Avionics future concept was meant to foster a relationship between the plane and pilot to make hu mans the perfect monitors.


Initially, we did interviews at a visit to Gulfstream headquarters in Savannah, GA.

We set out to understand the system as a whole

After Research review with pilots, we knew we could start designing responsibly 

I was privileged enough to present our Usability Midterm presentation to Gulfstream pilots & engineers 

We continued to refine our mild concept ideas. I was tasked to drive the future vision of the synoptics

Through constant collaboration and grit, we managed to deploy both near term & long term  deliverables

Joe Kennedy presented our Next Generation of Gulfstream branded synoptics in the final presentation.

We introduced new contextual phases of flight

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