Drawing or sketching can be intimidating to unexperienced creatives. How can we use technology to extend our natural human capabilities? People think in pictures, so why not allow them to project imagines on any surface they wish to express their thoughts?

Click through this interactive prototype to understand how we tested our Mobile experience which is followed by the Mixed Reality interaction experience.

Mixed Reality Submerged View

Resize Interactions

Filters Swipe

Opacity Interaction

Tools Opened



Help creatives draw on any surface.

A blank piece of paper can be scary. Everyone has ideas in their heads that they want to express. Without practice or a formal education, this can become challenging and discouraging. But what if we could give people the confidence to draw from impulse? What if we gave people the ability to draw where ever they feel the most comfortable?


Creative Artists & Designers

Drawing or sketching is part of countless of industries. We focused on a tool for professionals but also aspiring artist and designers as well. We observed our users and noticed how uncomfortable their drawing positions were. In addition we noticed their difficulty with transferring their reference image in proper proportions. Another distraction was the clutter in their surroundings & smart phones.

User Interview


Augmented Reality

Using existing trends, we decided to bridge the gap in between humans and technology by using Mixed Reality. We took our Augmented Reality approach a step further by visualizing what future interactions could look like while submerged in AR. Thinking outside  the box, we decided to incorporate natural human gestures that users saw as intuitive and familiar. We decided to make user storyboards of possible scenarios. This helped us communicate our solution internally & externally as well for additional clarity.

User Scenario


Brand Identity Process


A tracing tool in Mixed Reality 

We wanted to focus on a mobile first approach by predicting future possibilities and making the phone a utility rather then a distraction. This meant we needed to design two experiences for our users, mobile mode and submerged AR mode. Our brand identity aims to be modern and simple with a bold presence. The same idea was carried into our minimal UI design that's meant to be layers, similar to our concept of pasting images on-top of the real world.

The end result is an app that allows users to watch themselves draw in real time with an image laid over. In other words, our final product is a really advanced way to trace. Our goal is to give images a new context, a new meaning, a new identity, a new life.

C. creative 

L. lense

E. extension in 

A. augmented

R. reality

Inspiration can come from anywhere. We focused on the users personal library, inspiration from the asset store, and the ability to capture a photo with the camera.

User scans surface area they wish to have the image projected on. The working area can be as large as the user desires providing a focal point.

Now, we can paste our desired image anywhere within the scanned working area. From here, we can adjust the opacity, set up guides, change filters, or scale our image. Once satisfied, we can paste the image and work in AR.

We took our concept further by allowing users to interact with our interface while submerged in AR. These interactions will allow for longer periods of focused time & give people an imaginary vision that can be manipulated in this new kind of Mixed Reality.


Conducted contextual & observational research along with user interviews. Led product design and user experience from storyboarding to wireframes into high fidelity prototypes. 


Santigo Sabogal - UX Designer

Nicolas Fasoli - Service Designer

Jeff Lawson - Motion Designer


- User Research

- User Experience Design

- Brand Identity

- Marketing Strategy

- User Interface Design



- Research Analysis

- Interview Video Insights

- Scenario Storyboards

- Wireframes

- High Fidelity Prototype



December 2016



8 weeks

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